Reasons to use all natural skin care

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Wondering if all natural body care products are right for you? Here's 5 reasons why they should be the only skin care products you ever apply to your skin....
Reason #1. They provide the best anti-aging benefits for your skin. Ingredients derived from natural sources have been used for thousands of years for their benefits for the skin. The safety and potency of these kind of substances make them excellent ski ncare ingredients.
Reason #2. They often provide multiple benefits for your skin. Very seldomly do all-natural ingredients have only one benefit for the skin. These substances can be both moisturizers and emollients and can even help cure more serious skin condition like eczema and psoriasis. Shea butter, with it's special 'healing fraction' is a prime example of a substance with multiple benefits for the skin.
Reason #3. All natural body care products are accepted very well by your skin. Since these kind of substances are so similar to your natural moisturizers and oils, they are very well accepted by your skin. Being so close in composition and substance makes them an ideal match with your skin's natural sebem.
Reason #4. All natural body care products pose very little threat of causing negative reactions. Often with products that are made using toxins and chemicals, different ingredients can mix with others and cause negative effects on your skin. Then to balance the product out, they end up adding more of these kinds of ingredients to the mix!
Reason #5. There's nothing synthetic about all natural body care products. There's a lot of fuzziness around synthetic ingredients. After learning about all the different kinds of synthetic ingredients used in the skin care world, I swore to myself a long time ago to never use another product that wasn't all natural. Im talking about substances that mess with your nervous system, strips your skin's natural acid mantle, cause irritation, rashes, and inflammation, and even cause cancer!
Now that makes you want to use all natural right?