Are Natural Products Really Better For Your Skin?

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You bet!

It’s no secret that the main ingredients in most skincare products include a multitude of harsh chemicals, including salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and other hard-to-spell chemical compounds. Just flip over a bottle of your favourite face cream or body wash, and the truth will be right there in the ingredients. Now you have an idea as to why these products warn of side effects, like irritation or skin peeling.
But even though many individuals are well aware of the chemicals in these products, and the side effects they will inevitably leave behind, people are still using these dangerous regimens. Their main reason? Results.For some reason, these individuals believe that the only way to achieve the skin they’ve been dreaming of is through applying unnatural, unsafe chemicals - and they’re terribly wrong. Natural skin products are not only safer and better for your skin, but they produce better results every time, without the painful side effects:

Natural Products Produce Better Results

Chemical-infused beauty products get by acknowledging there are dangerous substances in their products - but they work. And yes, it’s true that some harsh chemicals do produce the results they claim to, but only through irritation and burning. The truth is, not only do natural beauty products also work, they usually work better than the chemicals that unnatural beauty products depend on. A lot of these products would not be safe to use on a babies skin. Why? Because of the harse chemical they are using.

Chemicals Could Be The Cause Your Skin Problems

Yes, believe it: your skin problems can often times actually be the result of the very same chemicals found in your cleanser or moisturiser. It’s true that many people treat their hangovers with a cocktail the next morning, but the same theory definitely does not apply to skin problems. If chemicals are the root of your severe acne or dry skin, you’re not going to solve the problem with the problem. Naturally-made skin care products don’t cause the skin care problems that chemically friendly products do, so it’s perfectly safe to use them on your skin, face, and anywhere else.

Made From Natural Ingredients You Know And Recognise

Unlike cleansers full of chemical names you could never spell, natural beauty products are made from every day items you know and use. Fruits and vegetables, plants and herbs, and other naturally-made ingredients are products that you eat, drink, or use in your daily life. So when you find beauty products made from these products, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

Natural Products Encourage Natural Body Processes

Naturally-made skin care products can boost the skin’s natural process of cell renewal, cell hydration and oxygenation - all natural processes that increase your skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and blemishes, and give you that natural glow that no chemically-induced cosmetic can reproduce. Because natural ingredients contain natural actives, they work with your skin to create results, not against it like chemicals. This is why most dermatologists will steer those with sensitive skin towards natural products - but the benefits can be had by anyone, regardless of your skin type.

Unnatural Products Are Often Rejected By Your Body

Do you ever wonder what those red bumps or that burning sensation you develop with the use of a harsh chemical cleanser is the product of? Most people chalk it up to an allergic reaction, but it’s actually the human body rejecting the chemical. It’s foreign to your system, and your body sees it as a threat to your health, so it tries to attack it at the source. If that sounds scary, well, it is! Natural ingredients are better suited for the human body, because your body will accept the ingredients as part of its own chemistry. That’s why people who have “allergic” reactions to chemically-induced products turn to natural products to cure the problem.

Natural Products Are Better For The Environment

When you use skin care products made up from chemicals, you could be doing some damage to the environment just by using them, let alone disposing of them. Natural products don’t cause this problem - they’re natural! Because they come from nature, they don’t destroy nature when they’re reintroduced. Using natural products and disposing of natural products is much easier on the environment than their chemical counterparts.
Dozens of plants, herbs, fruits, and other naturally-occurring items have changed the way that skin care products are made. Ingredients like manuka honey, one of the most prized honeys in the world, come in dozens of varieties to tackle hundreds of skin care issues, from acne to dry sky and everything in between. No chemical or synthetic copy can come close to the real thing.
This isn’t anything that you don’t already know, but it’s probably something you haven’t thought about. But whether you’re dealing with persistent skin problems, or you’re just looking for a better way to take care of yourself without causing further harm to the environment, then make the switch to a natural skin care regimen. Your skin, body, and even the environment, will be thanking you.